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A Soldier's Poem D-Day Poem Birth of Communism

A Soldier's Poem
I await each month for that special day,
That wondrous day I receive my pay.
Althought ‘tis not very much,
I can afford some Chocolate that’s Dutch.

Oh a soldier’s life is hard,
From many freedoms I am bard.
Can’t leave whenever I want to,
Else I’d be sent to a place like the zoo.

I have trusty M1 garand,
And take it with me on ev’ry errand.
It fires a big ole thirty ot six,
I know it can get me outta a fix.

Here I am so far from home,
Hearing tales of men marching on Rome.
Can’t wait till the day I we capture Berlin,
If we take it I’ll do a jig to violin.

Awhile ago we came on the beaches,
To the heart of many a comrade a bullet reaches.
Since that fateful landing in Normandy,
I’ve lost some comrades I called handy.

Grieving is one thing that’s hard to control,
‘Tis like carrying a full jerry can of petrol.
No matter what tears will spill,
Even as a guy traverses many a hill.

A Soldier's Poem D-Day Poem Birth of Communism

D-Day Poem
‘Twas early on the day June the sixth,
When we unleased our mighty fury.
Though our rifles seemed worthless as sticks,
We gallantly stormed gallantly the beaches of Normandy.

We were all so very nervous and scared,
All sitting huddled on the landing craft.
Looking up at the cliffs our way seemed barred.
Then all of a sudden shot were fired at our raft.

The person in front of me was hit,
Oh how he yowled in his awful pain.
As I quickly got out his first aid kit,
I wondered if we had anything to gain.

Before I could dress his wound,
Again he was hit and this time died.
On this beach we’re gonna be marooned.
With that thought a little I cried.

Then the door of our small craft opened,
And our squad commander started to shout.
At that moment I knew my safety had lessened.
As our leader yelled we scrambled out.

The shore ahead was not very far,
But in the panic it seemed so far away.
Now my stomach is definitely off par,
I wonder if we’ll ever be merry and gay.

A Soldier's Poem D-Day Poem Birth of Communism

The Birth of Communism
What went wrong with Marx’s ideals,
To plunge thousands into Hell with meager meals?
Is it right to say it’s all his fault,
That people turned his writings into a leftist cult?

Marx’s works were published to be read,
And people liked his ideas about sharing bread.
Some began to rebel and were exiled from their homeland.
One such person was Lenin who moved to Switzerland.

A great war broke out in imperial Europe,
Pouring onto the land an ugly red syrup.
In the old Eastern land of the Tsar,
Government collapse was not too far.

Revolutionaries began to return home,
No longer being forced just to roam.
Change was coming to the Russian Empire,
The time of Tsar Nicholas began to expire.

Revolution began in the city of Petrograd.
Things went well and Lenin was very glad.
The year was 1917 and the month November,
Though they say it happened in October.


A Soldier's Poem D-Day Poem Birth of Communism 

Who Scares Me Most 

Do you want to know who scares me most?

John Kerry.


He promises to cut taxes on the middle class,

But he has said nothing about the price of gas.


Around the country he is chasing Bush,

Trying to find a weak spot to he can push.


John Edwards is Kerry’s trusted running mate,

And he has not said different things as of late.


Constantly saying wrong place and wrong time,

He is not as good as the man on the dime.


Undoubtedly he will raise income taxes,

Which will cause companies to make fewer faxes.


If he wins the election in November,

The economy’s spark will stay an ember.


What Scares Me Most?
Just once the communists’ party was strong

Oh but their ideals are very wrong

Socialists taking wealth to share with all

Evenly distributed as by law

People in the process lose some rights

Hearsay results in bureaucratic flights 

Sacred things are all but completely banned

The nationalist fires are fanned

Although it sounds good in theory

Long bread lines are formed by the weary

In place of competitive free trade

National monopolies are made


Stalin the Hardnosed Commie 

You know Lenin and Trotsky

Who started in Russia

And Marx and Engel

And Castro of Cuba

But do you recall

The most famous commie of all?


Stalin the Hardnosed Commie

Ruled with a fist of steel

And if you made him angry

You would go without a meal


All of the other commies

Were utterly scared of him

They always did as he said

Lest they’d be strung on a limb


Then during the fog of war

Zhukov came to say

“Stalin, you’re always right,

the Germans won’t last the night.”


Then all the Russians loved him

And guzzled all the vodka

Stalin the Hardnosed Commie,

You’ve just saved Mother Russia!

 Based on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Johnny Marks

O Stalingrad, O Stalingrad

You’ve stood against invaders

Thy streets are drenched in German blood

Dying soldiers lie in the mud

O Stalingrad, O Stalingrad

You’ve stood against invaders


O Leningrad, O Leningrad

The German siege is ending

No longer are you full of dread

Soon ev’ryone will have his bread

O Leningrad, O Leningrad

The German siege is ending


Stalin’s just taken Lenin’s place

Fa la la la la, la la la

There’s an ice pick in Trotsky’s face

Fa la la la la, la la la

Now’s the time to seize the power

Fa la la la la, la la la

Party members appear dour

Fa la la la la, la la la

Let’s collectivise all the farms

Fa la la la la, la la la

Ignore the peasants who it harms

Fa la la la la, la la la

Enters a pact with Germany

Fa la la la la, la la la

They enjoy the false harmony

Fa la la la la, la la la

Hitler launches Barbarossa

Fa la la la la, la la la

Comrads rush to defend Russia

Fa la la la la, la la la

Eventually they win the war

Fa la la la la, la la la

Russia’s now a superpower

Fa la la la la, la la la