What's New?

What is New with My Site?

-I have just fixed up the site! September 5, 2003.
-I have added a U-boat section and a forums! September 13, 2003.
-I have added more articles! September 14, 2003.
-I have added another article! September 15, 2003.
-I have fixed up the site and added poems! November 3, 2004.
-I have added a new page with two poems! April 13, 2005.
-I have fixed up the site and added an article! May 4, 2005.
-I have added another poem! May 5, 2005.
-I have added two poems! March 29, 2006.
-I have added Communist themed lyrics! November 21, 2006.
-I have added another poem! February 11, 2007.