The Roman Empire

A Brief Synopsis

The Roman Empire

The Roman Army

The Roman Army consisted of twenty-eight legions. They were divided into ten cohorts and each cohort was split up into six centuries. The centuries each had ten contubernium, and one contubernium consisted of a tent group of eight men. Each centuria was led by a centurion. About one hundred and twenty horsemen went with the legion. The legion was led by a legatus. A legatus was helped by a Camp Perfect.
The soldiers in the Roman Army were called legionaries. Legionaries had to carry all of their things and their weapons. Their weapons were a sword, a dagger, and two javelins. They also carried a large shield.


A day at the gladiatorial games normally began with a parade of the gladiators. After that, animals were brought into the arena and they would either be killed by gladiators, forced to fight one another, or they performed tricks. Then Around noon there would be criminals being killed in various ways. In the afternoon the gladiators fought each other and when a gladiator held up his index finger it meant he was defeated. Then the crowd would show, using their thumbs whether they wanted the defeated Gladiator to live or not, though the Emperor might disagree.

Roman Gods

The Romans worshipped many gods and they had myths about them like the Greeks did. If you look at Roman and Greek myths you will see many similarities between them. Also, their type of religion is called Pagan Worship. The following list has the main Roman Gods but not all them.

Jupiter - King of the Gods
Juno - Queen of the Gods
Neptune - God of the Sea
Pluto - God of Death
Apollo - God of the Sun
Diana - Goddess of the Moon
Mars - God of War
Venus - Goddess of Love
Cupid - God of Love
Mercury - Messenger of the Gods
Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom
Ceres - The Earth Goddess
Proserpine - Goddess of the Underworld
Vulcan - The Smith God
Bacchus - God of Wine
Saturn- God of Time
Vesta- Goddess of Home
Janus - God of Doors
Uranus - Father of Saturn
Maia - Goddess of Growth
Flora - Goddess of Flowers
Plutus - God of Wealth

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